Remove SharePoint 2007 Backups

If you take a backup from Central Administration -> Operations -> Perform Backup, there’s no built-in way to remove old backups.  To clear up unwanted backups:

  • Navigate to the backup share and take a backup of spbrtoc.xml.  This file contains information about the backups.
  • Within spbrtoc.xml each SPHistoryObject node  corresponds to a backup.  Take a note of the SPDirectoryName and SPStartTime values within each SPHistoryObject  node.  SPDirectoryName is the directory the backup was stored and SPStartTime is the start time of the backup.
  • Delete the directories of the backups you wish to remove and delete the corresponding SPHistoryObject nodes from spbrtoc.xml.
  • Navigate to  Central Administration -> Operations -> Backup and restore history and the delete backups shouldn’t be visible.