Update Dell BIOS During Operating System Deployment Using System Center Configuration Manager

As part of an Intel AMT deployment I needed to update the BIOS on our Dell OptiPlex desktops and Latitude laptops.  I created a package to run the BIOS update and added this to the operating system task sequence.

Firstly, download the BIOS update from Dell technical support http://support.euro.dell.com/support/  The BIOS file will be named something like 0755-A21.exe .  This is the A21 BIOS revision for the Dell OptiPlex 755.

Next, in System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) create a standard software package.  Set the command line to the BIOS file followed by -NOREBOOT –NOPAUSE .  This enables the BIOS update to run silently and without rebooting the system.  I additionally set the package to run “whether or not a user is logged on” using the setting on the Environment tab.

Go to your operating system deployment task sequence and choose Add -> General -> Install Software.  Select the BIOS update package.  Next, click into the Options tab and click “Add Condition” and select “Query WMI”  and enter SELECT SMBIOSBIOSVersion From Win32_BIOS WHERE SMBIOSBIOSVersion < “A21” Replace A21 with the BIOS version you’re using for the update.  This WMI Query ensures the BIOS is flashed only if it’s older than a given version.  I then have a restart task to reboot the machine and flash the BIOS.