Enable Refiner Counts In SharePoint 2013 Search

By default, search refiners in SharePoint 2013 don’t show a result count.  However, it’s easy to enable them with one change to the filter display template.  Below is how a refiner appears by default


The easiest way to work with display templates is to map a drive to \\%SHAREPOINTSERVER%@80\_catalogs\masterpage\.  Expand the folder tree and navigate to the Filters folder.  Backup a copy of Filter_Default.html before making changes.


Open Filter_Default.html in a text editor, I like to use Notepad++.  Navigate to the section as shown below and change the “ShowCounts:” value from false to true.  Save your changes.


Refresh the search page and refiner counts are now visible.





3 thoughts on “Enable Refiner Counts In SharePoint 2013 Search

  1. Fred Baer

    Richard – Others are not seeing the counts on refiners, just me. Is there a publishing step that I am missing?


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