SharePoint 2013 Error User Settings Not Initialized

Following a migration to SharePoint 2013, one user had the error whereby every time they loaded SharePoint they were confronted with the error “Error: User Settings Not Initialized”.


In order to fix the error, open the User Profile Service Application from Central Administration.  Next, click on Manage User Profiles and search for the affected user.  Choose Edit My Profile.


Scroll down to the bottom of the profile screen and select Always use my personal settings and select the appropriate locale.  Next, tick Use language and regional settings.  Click save and close.


The error should now have been resolved.  You can go back into the user profile and reset the two options you just changed.


7 thoughts on “SharePoint 2013 Error User Settings Not Initialized

  1. MJG

    is there a powershell equivalent for this?

    locale doesn’t seem to be one of the properties you can manage command line

    I have 3500+ user affected by this issue after a migration from SP2010 and classic auth

  2. Clive MAMOMBE


    Thank you ever so much for this, worked for me. True l only had sporadic users and so modifying individual profiles was not a problem.

    Again, many thanks


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