SCCM stuck in downloading state

The 1610 update for SCCM had been stuck in the downloading state, with a last update time of three days ago.  There’s a note within the SCCM console that if an update is stuck in the downloading state for a long period of time you should restart the SMS_EXECUTIVE (smsexec) service on the standalone primary or central administration site server (CAS).

I restarted this service, but nothing changed.  The next step was to check dmpdownloader.log, which can be found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs.  This contained the error below, where I’ve replaced the proxy and SCCM server name with placeholders.

ERROR: Failed to download redist for 91406b1d-7c14-42d8-a68b-484be5c5e9b8 with command  /RedistUrl /LnManifestUrl /RedistVersion 112015 /ProxyUri http://%PROXYURL%/ /NoUI  “\\%SCCMSERVERNAME%\EasySetupPayload\91406b1d-7c14-42d8-a68b-484be5c5e9b8\redist” .

Looking in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\EasySetupPayload\91406b1d-7c14-42d8-a68b-484be5c5e9b8\redist folder, I could see the last modified date was three days ago, equal to the last update time in the console.  I was able to manually download the two CAB files in the above error, so there wasn’t an access issue.  I restarted the SMS_EXECUTIVE (smsexec) service again and this time I could see some more files had been download to the redist folder.  Unfortunately, the update was still listed as downloading.  I restarted the SMS_EXECUTIVE (smsexec) service again, which again resulted in some more files appearing in the redist folder and the update became available.  So the take away from this is that if the update is stuck in a downloading state you may have to restart the SMS_EXECUTIVE (smsexec) service more than once.

Update 14/02/18

Beginning with version 1706 there’s an update reset tool which can be used to fix issues when in-console updates have problems downloading or replicating.  Fore more information see here.


4 thoughts on “SCCM stuck in downloading state

  1. Todd

    I’m having this with 1702 but restarted service many times and always gets stuck on the same file with a 503 error.

  2. Yazid Mahour

    I had the same issue updating 1610 to 1702, the installation was tuck in pre-req check or installation, a new program named CMUpdateReset.exe has been released in the new CB 1706 and it is applicable from CB1606, so you can use this new program to solve the update issues (downolading, pre-checking or installation)

    I tried to find this new program through internet but no way, so I created a Virtual Machine with fresh installation of SCCM and I was able to install 1706 on it only for retrieving CMUpdateReset.exe, after that I copied CMUpdateReset.exe in the production SCCM and run it with -FDELETE parameter and finally the program cleaned up my SCCM and successfully download and done the update.
    I shared for you the program so you can solve your issue. enjoy!
    Yazid Mahour

  3. Rob Humby

    In our environment, the 1706 update was stuck in downloading state, and restarting the SMSEXEC service repeatedly did not fix it. Eventually I noticed that McAfee was blocking the creation of an autorun.inf file. The specific Access Protection Rule causing the problem was “Anti-virus Standard Protection:Prevent remote creation of autorun files”. Temporarily disabled this, then restarted SMSEXEC, and the update was successfully downloaded


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