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Unable To Upload Templates With Joomla Running On Windows Azure

If you create a web site on Windows Azure using the Joomla! 2.5 template you may find that you’re unable to upload templates.  This is because the Joomla! template tmp_path and log_path parameters point to unwritable locations.

To change the tmp_path and log_path parameters, open your site using the Microsoft WebMatrix toolkit, then open configuration.php.


Within configuration.php locate the two parameters.


Change the parameter values as below, substituting YourWebSiteName for the name of your web site.

public $tmp_path = ‘C:\\DWASFiles\\Sites\\YourWebSiteName\\VirtualDirectory0\\site\\wwwroot\\tmp’;

public $log_path = ‘C:\\DWASFiles\\Sites\\YourWebSiteName\\VirtualDirectory0\\site\\wwwroot\\var\\logs’;


Save your changes.