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Open SharePoint 2010 Search Results In A New Window

Configuring SharePoint 2010 to open search results in a new window requires editing the XSL that determines the search result display.

Open your search results page and edit the page.  Choose Edit Web Part from the Search Core Results web part. Expand display properties and click on XSL Editor…


Copy and paste XSL into a tool like Notepadd++.  Search for the section

<div class=”srch-Title3″>

Scroll down and add the attribute for target.


Copy and paste the XSL back into the window in SharePoint.  Save and publish the page.

Enabling SharePoint Search With An Active Directory Forest Trust

Having configured SharePoint 2010 Search I had a problem whereby some users received zero results when searching SharePoint content.

In this configuration SharePoint was in one forest (A) and the users who got zero results were in another forest (B).  Users in the A forest were able to search and get results.  In order to resolve the issue I had to convert the SharePoint Search Service Application to store the SharePoint ACLs in Claims format.

To convert the SharePoint Search Service Application open the SharePoint Management Shell and run Get-SPServiceApplication.  Copy the ID of the Search Service Application.



Now run the code below replacing %SearchServiceID% with your Search Service Application ID.

$SearchApp = Get-SPServiceApplication %SearchServiceID%
$SearchApp.setproperty(“ForceClaimACLs”, 1)

Run a full crawl and users in the other forest will get search results.

Create A Search Tab In SharePoint 2013

In this post I’m going to describe the process of creating a search tab in SharePoint 2013. I’m going to create a tab called SP2010 which returns results from a specific result source called SP2010.

Search Tab 1

Search Tab 2

Start by creating a result source for the specific content source.  From the Search Service Application click on Result Sources under Queries and Results.

Search Tab 3

Click on New Result Source.  On the following screen enter a name, I’ll user SP2010 here and in the Query Transform box add ContentSource= followed by the name of your content source.  In the screenshot below I’ve entered ContentSource=sp2010 as that’s the name of my content source.  Click save to close.

Search Tab 4

Now create a page to display the search results for this result source.  Open your search site and from the options menu choose to Add a page.  Enter a name for the page.  I’ve chosen sp2010 as this is the name of my result source.  Click Create to create the page.  When the page is displayed, edit the search results web part.

Search Tab 6

In the web part properties click on Change Query.

Search Tab 7

From the Build Your Query page select your result source and click OK.

Search Tab 8

Check in and publish the new search page.  Next, open Site Settings for your search site and select Search Settings from the Search section.

Search Tab 9

In the Configure Search Navigation section click on Add Link..  Enter a title and in the URL box enter the path to your new search page, e.g. /Search/Pages/sp2010.aspx.  Click OK to save the link.

Search Tab 10

If you navigate to your search site you should see the new tab.

Search Tab 11

The tab will only display results from the result source you selected when editing the search page.