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Install Windows Server 2012 R2 On Dell PowerEdge Server From A USB Flash Drive

As part of my evaluation of Windows Server 2012 I needed to install the operating system on an old Dell PowerEdge 1950.  As this server is old I decided not to use the Dell System Build and Update Utility DVD and instead chose to install Windows from a USB flash drive as it’s much faster than using a DVD.

In order to install from USB, obtain an ISO file containing the Windows installation files.  Next, download and install the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool .  Start the tool and follow the wizard to extract the ISO files onto a USB drive of 4GB or greater and make the USB drive bootable.

When starting the server I selected the BIOS boot order and selected the USB flash drive, but received a boot error.  In order to enable USB boot, enter the BIOS and change the USB Flash Drive Emulation Type to Hard Drive.  Reboot and USB boot will work.

USB Boot