Monthly Archives: December 2018

Azure Backup File – iSCSI Error

When using the file recovery feature of Azure Backup I encountered an error when trying to mount the recovery point.  I ran the exe from the Azure Portal using an elevated command prompt, but received the error “Exception caught while connecting to Target.  Please retry after some time.”


It turns out that the error is caused by the use of the elevated command prompt.  When right-clicking on the exe and choosing “Run as administrator” the error doesn’t occur.



Azure N-series VM BSOD

When creating an Azure NV6 VM with Windows 10 the VM blue screened when installing the NVIDIA GRID drivers (411.81) either through the Azure extension, or manually as per the guidance here.  The blue screen error was System Service Exception for nvlddmkm.sys.

I discovered that the issue was specific to Windows 10 1809 as when I installed the drivers on Windows 1803 the error didn’t occur.  It’s likely that 1809 will be supported in a newer driver.