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Changing The Default Number Of Refiner Options In SharePoint 2013 Search

By default, SharePoint 2013 Search shows 5 options for each refiner, except result type, which has 6 options.


In order to change the number of options you need to edit the Filter_Default.html display template.  Do to this open Site settings, then Master pages and page layouts.  Drill through to  Display Templates -> Filters.  Download a copy of Filter_Default.html.

RefinerCount1Open Filter_Default.html in a text editor and find the two values below.


Change the values for shortListSize as required and save the file.  Upload the file to the document library where you downloaded the copy and overwrite the existing file.  Refresh the search page to see the change.




Hyper-V VM Stuck In Backing Up… State

In this post I’ll show how to resolve the issue of a VM that’s stuck in the “backing up…” state as shown by Hyper-V Manager, without having to reboot the virtual host.



If a VM is stuck in the backing up… state it’s probably due to an error with the Microsoft Hyper-V VSS Writer.  Open an elevated command prompt and run “vssadmin list writers”.  The output should look like it does below, with no errors listed.



The Microsoft Hyper-V VSS Writer runs within the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service, so in order to restart the VSS writer and clear the error, you have to restart the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service.  I’ve restarted this service without any issues, but please test this on a test server first.


You can restart the service from the Services mmc, but if the Hyper-V VSS Writer is in an error state the service may hang on shutdown, in this case you’ll have to kill the vmms.exe process from Task Manager.


When you do this VMs will disappear from Hyper-V Manager, but will reappear when you restart the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service.  Following the service restart the VM should no longer by in a backing up… state.


SharePoint 2013 Content Search Web Part: One or more of the following resource files failed to load

When adding the Content Search Web Part to a site for the first time, the web part took a while to load, then displayed the error:

One or more of the following resource files failed to load: /_catalogs/masterpage/display templates/language files/en-GB/customstrings.js?ctag=322$$15.0.4569.1000


To look for the missing file I went to Site Settings, then Master page and page layouts, which is under the heading Web Designer Galleries.  On that page I navigated through Display Templates -> Language Files.  I could see that for some reason the en-GB folder was missing.


The fact that the folder was missing was odd because I’d used the Content Search Web Part before within the Site Collection.  Anyway, to resolve the error I created the en-gb folder and copied customstrings.js from the en-us folder and pasted it into en-gb.